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Comparative study of legal frameworks associated with plant pesticides in Iran and Europe

Mobinifar, M., Ghasemi, N., Arjmandi, R.
International journal of environmental science and technology 2019 v.16 no.2 pp. 1171-1182
human health, laws and regulations, pest control, pesticides, pests, Europe, Iran
Various methods have been used to combat pests. A closer look can uncover the fact that any action taken has somehow interfered in the environment and human health. The undesirable fact becomes more serious when most countries use pesticides as a main solution for pest control. In the most optimistic view, only 10% of the pesticides reach the target and the rest enter the environment which is the living place of thousands of living organisms including man. This has caused many countries in the world and the international community to pay a particular attention to pesticides and the certain rules and regulations stipulated for their management. Upon arrival of pesticides in the country, Iran has developed the laws and regulations relevant to organization and systematic use of pesticides. This study presents a history of laws and regulations relevant to plants protection at first. Then, it describes other laws and regulations related to pesticides and expresses the importance of existing laws and regulations. Finally, it explains the laws and regulations related to the debate in Europe.