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Preparation of a starch-based carrier for oral delivery of Vitamin E to the small intestine

Jiang, Min, Hong, Yan, Gu, Zhengbiao, Cheng, Li, Li, Zhaofeng, Li, Caiming
Food hydrocolloids 2019 v.91 pp. 26-33
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, hydrocolloids, moieties, scanning electron microscopy, small intestine, spray drying, starch, stomach, vitamin E, xanthan gum
Microcapsules composed of a blend of acid hydrolysis-carboxymethyl starch (H-CMS) and xanthan gum (XG) were prepared by spray-drying, characterized, and tested in-vitro as a carrier for the pH-sensitive delivery of Vitamin E (VE). We aimed to develop a desired starch-based microcapsule carrier by adjusting the degree of substitution (DS) and the ratio between H-CMS and XG. In the first instance, the wall material was characterized by SEM, FTIR, and XRD, which proved that carboxymethyl groups had been successfully incorporated into the starch molecules. The microcapsules fabricated with medium DS and a ratio of 1:20 between XG and H-CMS formed a more pH-sensitive structure, which favored VE delivery from the stomach to the small intestine, especially its upper part. Our findings demonstrated that H-CMS/XG microcapsules could deliver VE to the upper part of the small intestine as a controlled delivery system.