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Soil fertility requirements of root chicory (Cichorium intybus var. sativum): a review

Gordon, D. H., Hughes, J. C., Manson, A. D.
Journal of plant nutrition 2018 v.41 no.20 pp. 2644-2659
Cichorium intybus, application rate, beverage industry, chicory, fertilizer application, fertilizer requirements, nitrogen, pH, phosphorus, potassium, soil fertility, sulfur, temperate zones, Belgium, India, Netherlands, South Africa
Root chicory is mainly grown in Belgium and the Netherlands with production also elsewhere in Europe, India, and South Africa. The world’s crop is worth an estimated US$56.04 million. India and South Africa focus on supplying root chicory to the blend coffee industry. Only limited and variable information is available on the fertilizer requirements of root chicory. Most studies on nitrogen (N) report that chicory in cooler, temperate regions requires 40–75 kg N/ha compared to 200 kg N/ha in warmer areas. Recommended rates for phosphorus (P) range from 0 to 69 kg P/ha. Poor responses to potassium (K) are reported with recommended rates from 0 to 190 kg K/ha. Application rates for sulfur (S) of 10–30 kg S/ha have been suggested. Suitable micronutrient requirements and soil acid saturation and pH values for root chicory have not been published. To establish crop norms a concerted effort is needed to quantify the fertilizer use of root chicory.