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Evaluation of a mobile phone plant nitrogen recommendation application in the greenhouse

Swearengin, Lance, Dunn, Bruce L., Singh, Hardeep, Goad, Carla
Journal of plant nutrition 2018 v.41 no.20 pp. 2615-2625
Stachys, fertilizer rates, fertilizers, greenhouses, mobile telephones, nutrient use efficiency, plant nitrogen content
Mobile phone applications have been developed to increase nutrient use efficiency. The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of a mobile phone application known as “Plant Nitrogen Recommendation” for recommending supplemental fertilizer application for Stachys “Helene Von Stein,” Verbena “Homestead Purple,” Hibiscus “Aphrodite,” and Clethra “Hummingbird” using SPAD and atLEAF sensor readings. “Hummingbird” was less responsive to fertilizer correction groups due to the fact the application gave a fertilizer recommendation too late. “Helene Von Stein” and “Aphrodite” provided quick response to the correction group and produced the same as the top performing fertilizer level. No correction group was applied for “Homestead Purple” as SPAD and atLEAF critical value was never reached for the 0 g treatment. Thus, use of a mobile application can be recommended for N recommendations in “Helene Von Stein” and “Aphrodite” during production.