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Effect of dietary fermented soybean meal on growth, intestinal morphology and microbiota in juvenile large yellow croaker, Larimichthys crocea

Wang, Ping, Zhou, Qicun, Feng, Jian, He, Jiaojiao, Lou, Yudong, Zhu, Junquan
Aquaculture research 2019 v.50 no.3 pp. 748-757
Bacteroidetes, Larimichthys crocea, Paenibacillus, Proteobacteria, antioxidants, diet, feed conversion, feed intake, fish meal, flora, growth performance, intestines, juveniles, microorganisms, sequence analysis, soybean meal, species abundance, specific growth rate, weight gain
An 8‐week feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the effect of replacement of fish meal (FM) with fermented soybean meal (FSM) on growth performance, intestinal morphology and microbiota of juvenile large yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea). Replacement ratio of FM with FSM were 0%, 15%, 30%, 45%, 60% and 75%, respectively (marked as FSM0, FSM15, FSM30, FSM45, FSM60 and FSM75). The results indicated that the survival ranged from 84.78% to 99.44%, and no significant differences were observed among all treatments (p > 0.05). Weight gain ratio (WGR) and specific growth rate (SGR) significantly decreased when the replacement level of FM protein exceeded 60%, and fish fed the FSM60 and FSM75 diets had lower WGR and SGR than those fed the other diets. Feed intake (FI) and feed conversion rate (FCR) significantly increased with replacement levels of FM increasing. Illumina high‐throughput sequence analyses showed that the alpha diversity did not differ among the diets of FSM0, FSM15 and FSM75. The whole community of tested samples was not modified by FSM, Firmicutes and Proteobacteria were the dominant flora in the intestines based on the phyla level. The dominant phyla in the water sample were Proteobacteria, Bacteroidetes. Fish fed the diet containing FSM75 significantly reduced the species abundance of Paenibacillus. There was a certain correlation between the intestine microbiota and SGR, antioxidant, and immune. Results indicated that up to 45% of FM can be replaced by FSM without negative effects on growth performance and intestinal integrity of juvenile large yellow croaker.