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Molecular characterization of Cyclospora-like organism from dairy cattle

Li, Guoqing, Xiao, Shumin, Zhou, Rongqiong, Li, Weihua, Wadeh, Hicham
Parasitology research 2007 v.100 no.5 pp. 955-961
Cyclospora cayetanensis, Eimeria, dairy cattle, diarrhea, feces, host range, oocysts, phylogeny, ribosomal DNA, China
Cyclospora cayetanensis was identified as the cause of large outbreaks of diarrhea in many parts of the world, but its host range and reservoirs remains poorly defined. Recently, oocysts resembling the C. cayetanensis were detected in dairy cattle fecal specimens from China. The 18S rDNA from two of these Cyclospora-like oocyst specimens from dairy cattle was amplified and sequenced. Phylogenetic analysis indicated that these cattle-associated Cyclospora-like organisms are nearly identical to each other and belong to the group of primate-derived Cyclospora, which are the closest known relatives of C. cayetanensis; while these cyclosporans constitute a coherent clade within the diverse group of Eimeria species. Moreover, on the basis of our finding that ruminant- and avian-associated Eimeria species are different in MnlI sites, a new PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism protocol with primers NesCycF and NesCycR was developed to distinguish the Cyclospora species from ruminant-associated Eimeria species.