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Linear correlation between pH value of stimulated beef and electrical current intensity

Żywica, Ryszard, Modzelewska-Kapituła, Monika, Banach, Joanna K., Tkacz, Katarzyna
International journal of food properties 2018 v.21 no.1 pp. 1386-1394
beef, beef quality, bulls, electric current, electrical treatment, heifers, longissimus muscle, pH, slaughter
The aim of the present study was to determine mathematical relationships between pH changes in beef 24 h post-slaughter and changes in the intensity of electrical current flowing through bull and heifer carcasses during high-voltage electrical stimulation. The electrical stimulation was applied 40 min postmortem for 120 s. The pH values of m. longissimus thoracis et lumborum were analyzed in the function of electrical current intensity changes and its change during electrical stimulation. Mathematical linear correlations of the y = ax ± b type were demonstrated between pH values at 2, 6, and 24 h postmortem and the initial (Iᵢ) and ultimate (Iᵤ) electrical current intensity values, the difference between them and the initial pH values determined before electrical stimulation. High multiple correlation coefficients (R² = 0.416, α ≤ 0.001) between Iᵤ and pH values 24 h post-slaughter enabled concluding that there is a possibility to predict a pH value of stimulated carcass with high accuracy, and thus also beef quality, based merely on the ultimate electrical current intensity values.