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Removal of aluminium from aqueous solution by four wild-type strains of Aspergillus niger

Boriová, Katarína, Čerňanský, Slavomír, Matúš, Peter, Bujdoš, Marek, Šimonovičová, Alexandra, Urík, Martin
Bioprocess and biosystems engineering 2019 v.42 no.2 pp. 291-296
Aspergillus niger, aluminum, aqueous solutions, bioaccumulation, biomass, biosorption, fungi, remediation
This paper provides a unique comparison of the performance of four wild-type Aspergillus niger strains in remediation of aluminium(III)-contaminated aqueous solutions. The direct fungal aluminium removal via biosorption and bioaccumulation was compared among all fungal strains, including bioaccumulation efficiency during dynamic and static cultivation. Our results indicate that aluminium bioaccumulation by living biomass outperformed biosorption, although biosorption by non-living biomass is a less time-demanding process. Among others, only one strain significantly differed regarding comparison of dynamic and static bioaccumulation. In this case, a significantly higher removal performance was achieved under dynamic cultivation conditions at initial aluminium(III) concentrations over 2.5 mg L⁻¹. Although the fungal sensitivity towards aluminium(III) differed among selected fungal strains, there was no apparent correlation between the strains’ removal performance and their adaptive mechanisms.