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Genomic and Biological Characterization of Tomato necrotic streak virus, a Novel Subgroup 2 Ilarvirus Infecting Tomato in Florida

Badillo-Vargas Ismael E., Baker Carlye A., Turechek William W., Frantz Galen, Mellinger H. Charles, Funderburk Joseph E., Adkins Scott
Plant disease 2016 v.100 no.6 pp. 1046-1053
Amaranthaceae, Helianthus annuus, Parietaria mottle virus, Phaseolus vulgaris, Solanum lycopersicum var. lycopersicum, Tobacco streak virus, flowers, green beans, host range, leaves, nucleotide sequences, plant diseases and disorders, plant viruses, roots, tomatoes, viruses, Florida
Genomic and biological characterization of Tomato necrotic streak virus (TomNSV), a recently described ilarvirus infecting tomato in Florida, was completed. The full genome sequence revealed that TomNSV is a novel subgroup 2 ilarvirus that is distinct from other previously reported tomato-infecting ilarviruses: Tobacco streak virus, Parietaria mottle virus, and Tomato necrotic spot virus included in subgroup 1. In a host range experiment, TomNSV infected members of the Solanaceae and Chenopodiaceae plant families but did not infect sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) or green bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). In tomato plants, the virus moved downward to the roots from the initial point of infection and then upward from the roots to tissues of active growth such as fruit, flowers, and young leaves where symptoms were produced. Thus, young leaves, fruit, and flowers are ideal for sampling for TomNSV. The transmission rate by seed collected from infected tomato plants was determined to be 0.33%. Collectively, the results of these experiments indicated that TomNSV is the causal agent of the necrotic streak disease of tomato observed in Florida since 2013.