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Priority areas to collect germplasm of Annona (Annonaceae) in Mexico based on diversity and species richness indices

Escobedo-López, Diana, Campos-Rojas, Eduardo, Rubén Rodríguez-Núñez, J., Alia-Tejacal, Iran, Núñez-Colín, Carlos A.
Genetic resources and crop evolution 2019 v.66 no.2 pp. 401-413
Annona, basins, coasts, fruit crops, germplasm, horticulture, introduced species, species richness, Gulf of Mexico, Mexico
Annona genus refers to several tropical and subtropical species, which some of them have horticultural importance as fruit crops. Mexico reports 18 native and four exotic species of Annona genus in the country. Nevertheless, there are not studies about where to collect the germplasm of Annona in Mexico. This study aims to map the diversity (DI) and species richness (SR) of this genus to identify the best regions of Mexico to collect germplasm and to prioritize areas of conservation. It showed that germplasm of Annona genus is distributed in both tropical and subtropical areas in Mexico. The map of the observed SR showed that maximum SR of Annona genus were in Mexican Pacific Coast and Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile in the map of Chao’s estimator of SR showed that the maximum SR of Annona genus were in Mexican Pacific Coast and Basin of Balsas. The map of Brillouin’s DI showed that maximum value of this index for Annona genus were in the same that showed the highest values of observed SR.