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Phosphorus requirement for irrigated bush beans production on coastal plain soils

Bortolozo, F. R., Mylavarapu, R. S.
Journal of plant nutrition 2019 v.42 no.2 pp. 145-152
coastal plain soils, coastal plains, environmental sustainability, fertilizer rates, green beans, greenhouse experimentation, irrigation management, nitrogen, nutrients, phosphorus, plant height, sandy soils, soil treatment, zinc, Southeastern United States
Economic agricultural production of coastal plain sandy soils requires intensive nutrient and irrigation management. Optimization of nitrogen and phosphorus applications will bring environmental sustainability also to the production. A greenhouse study was conducted on irrigated sandy soils with bush beans comparing six different phosphorus (P) rates set in completely randomized blocks with four replications during 2016 and 2017 to determine optimum P requirement. Soil and tissue nutrients, plant height, dry matter, and relative yield (RY) data were collected. Agronomic Use Efficiency (AUE) was calculated. Highest RY and AUE were recorded at 53 or 59 kg ha⁻¹ of P application rates, above which there was no response. A negative P: zinc (Zn) impact was also documented. A maximum soil application rate of 59 kg P ha⁻¹ can be suggested as adequate to optimize the yield of bush beans produced on coastal plain sandy soils of the southeastern United States.