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Versatile, Robust, and Facile Approach for in Situ Monitoring Electrocatalytic Processes through Liquid Electrochemical NMR Spectroscopy

Cao, Shuo-Hui, Liu, Shuo, Sun, Hui-Jun, Huang, Long, Ni, Zu-Rong, Jiang, Wen-Long, Zhan, Mei, Zhou, Zhi-You, Sun, Shi-Gang, Chen, Zhong
Analytical chemistry 2019 v.91 no.3 pp. 1686-1691
electrochemistry, liquids, models, monitoring, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, quantitative analysis
With the strength of liquid nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to noninvasively and specifically realize the structural elucidation and quantitative analysis of small organic molecules, in principle, liquid in situ electrochemical-NMR (EC-NMR) possesses great advantages for detecting dissolved species during the electrochemical process. However, the intrinsic incompatibilities between the coupling techniques as well as the sophisticated setups modification still limit the applications toward a wide range. To overcome these bottlenecks, herein we propose an easy-to-construct design with good compatibility and presenting improved electrochemical and NMR performances. As proof of concept, model experiments of alcohol electrooxidation were performed to confirm the capacity of this device for liquid in situ EC-NMR study. The temporal evolution of both the product and the current distributions can be reliably recorded to aid mechanistic and kinetic understanding of electrocatalysis. The depiction of the selective electrooxidation reveals the surface structure–catalytic functionality. This work demonstrates the universality and effectivity of the proposed platform to develop the liquid in situ EC-NMR technique as a useful tool for the dynamic analysis of electrochemical processes at a molecular level.