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Revision of some central European species of Inocybe (Fr.: Fr.) Fr. subgenus Inocybe, with the description of five new species

Bandini, Ditte, Oertel, Bernd, Ploch, Sebastian, Ali, Tahir, Vauras, Jukka, Schneider, Anja, Scholler, Markus, Eberhardt, Ursula, Thines, Marco
Mycological progress 2019 v.18 no.1-2 pp. 247-294
Inocybe, new species, photographs, phylogeny, type collections
The subgenus Inocybe is widespread in the Holarctic but, due to a superficially similar appearance of the species, much of its diversity has been overlooked. In this study, a revision of some Central European species of the subgenus is carried out. On the basis of detailed morphological and phylogenetic investigation, five new species of Inocybe, subgenus Inocybe are described. Three of these are smooth-spored (I. venustissima, I. curcumina, and I. leochroma), and two are nodulose-spored (I. strickeriana and I. villosa). The new species are compared to the type specimens of I. alluvionis, I. angulatosquamulosa, I. hirtelloides,I. pelargonium, I. salicis, I. splendentoides, I. straminipes, and I. terrifera. Inocybe derbschii is confirmed, and a comprehensive description with photographs is given. The morphological species complex consisting of I. furfurea, I. rufotacta, and I. sandrae is disentangled and it is shown that the three names are synonyms. Finally, it is shown that I. stenospora does not belong to the subgenus Mallocybe but to the subgenus Inocybe. All new species and most type specimens were included in molecular phylogenetic analyses. The phylogenetic analyses are well in line with the current perception of species boundaries in Inocybe subg. Inocybe.