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Structural and physical studies of the Ag-rich alloys from Ag-Li system

Terlicka, S., Dębski, A., Budziak, A., Zabrocki, M., Gąsior, W.
Thermochimica acta 2019 v.673 pp. 185-191
X-ray diffraction, alloys, ambient temperature, argon (noble gases), electrical conductivity, melting, physical phases, silver, thermal expansion, thermodynamics
The structural and physical properties of the Ag-rich alloys from Ag-Li system (Ag90Li10, Ag80Li20, Ag70Li30, Ag60Li40, Ag57Li43, Ag55Li45, Ag52Li48, and Ag50Li50) were performed with the use of the three different methods. All tested alloys were prepared from high purity metals (Ag and Li) by melting in a glove-box filled with high purity argon, with a very low concentration of impurities. The high-temperature X-ray diffraction investigations were conducted to confirm the structure of the prepared alloys. The thermal expansion measurements of the Ag-rich alloys were carried out by an optical, horizontal dilatometer at the temperature range from 298 to 665 K. Moreover, the electrical conductivity of investigated Ag-rich alloys was measured at room temperature. The results of X-ray diffraction phase analysis, thermal expansion and electrical conductivity measurements, obtained in these studies, may undermine the reliability of the present phase diagram of Ag-Li, which makes it necessary to verify the existing phase equilibria. Further thermodynamic and physicochemical studies of Ag-Li system are crucial to get complete data for the optimization of the thermodynamic properties and calculation of the reliable phase diagram of the Ag-Li system.