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Sound as a qualitative index of speckle laser to monitor biological systems

Rivera, Fernando Pujaico, Braga, Roberto Alves, Iannetta, Pietro, Toorop, Peter
Computers and electronics in agriculture 2019 v.158 pp. 271-277
Coffea arabica, beans, ears, humans, models, seeds, tissues, wavelengths
The Biospeckle Laser (BSL) induced phenomenon is recorded as light scattered from the surface of illuminated test material, and the methodology is established as a tool for the non-destructive assessment of biological tissues. The output of BSL-based recording is normally numeric data that are processed to generate graphical and visual information. However, BSL outputs could presented in a qualitative audible format as a rapid means by which a test-tissues physiological states may be classified. Here we report a new BSL-data processing methodology that was able to discriminate viable and dead beans (seeds) of coffee (Coffea arabica L.) using single- and multi-frequency wavelength models. BSL-data was rapidly converted from the traditional numeric (graphical) output into forms (‘biospeckle index’) audible to the human ear. The utility and significance of this novel BSL-audio approach is discussed.