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Characteristics of low H2S concentration biogas desulfurization using a biotrickling filter: Performance and modeling analysis

Yang Zhuo, Yun Han, Qiliang Qu, Jie Li, Chen Zhong, Dangcong Peng
Bioresource technology 2019 v.280 pp. 143-150
biofilters, biogas, desulfurization, hydrogen sulfide, models, pH, statistical analysis
This study investigated the characteristics of low H₂S concentration biogas biodesulfurization using a lab-scale biotrickling filter (BTF). The influence of operational parameters on H₂S removal efficiency and H₂S distributions in packed bed was evaluated by establishing a counter-current one-dimensional multi-layer BTF model and statistical analysis of the simulation results. The overall biodesulfurization efficiency of counter-current BTF on treating low H₂S concentration was 92.27 ± 10.30%. The H₂S distribution of the BTF packed bed could be predicted by the calibrated BTF model. The influence of the operational parameters on the H₂S distribution of the packed bed was following the sequence of pH > empty bed retention time (EBRT) > gas-to-liquid flow ratio (G/L). The biogas biodesulfurization process was strongly related to the sulphide affinity constant. Moreover, a high substrate concentration of the SOB could further accelerate the biodesulfurization process of the biogas with low H₂S concentration.