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Development of bioprocesses for the integral valorisation of fish discards

Vázquez, José Antonio, Fernández-Compás, Andrea, Blanco, María, Rodríguez-Amado, Isabel, Moreno, Helena, Borderías, Javier, Pérez-Martín, Ricardo I.
Biochemical engineering journal 2019 v.144 pp. 198-208
Pediococcus, antihypertensive effect, bioprocessing, biotransformation, culture media, fish, fish discards, fish oils, fish protein hydrolysate, gelatin, lactic acid, lactic acid bacteria, organic nitrogen, peptones
In the present work, we have developed a set of sequential and complementary alternatives to valorise five fish discards in order to recover and produce fish mince, oils, gelatins, fish protein hydrolysates (FPHs) with antioxidant and antihypertensive properties and marine peptones. In this last case, microbial bioconversion of marine peptones was studied by Pediococcus acidilacti growth, a well-known valuable lactic acid bacterium, and the concomitant production of lactic acid and pediocin SA-1. Highly digestible FPHs with a good quality of amino acids composition and antioxidant and antihypertensive properties were easily produced. In the same bioprocess, fish oils with a healthy ω-3/ ω-6 ratio were also isolated. The use of peptones derived from FPHs as bacterial media nutrient (source of organic nitrogen) led to reduction of bioproductions costs between 2–5 folds in comparison with commercial culture medium.