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CO₂-fixation into cyclic and polymeric carbonates: principles and applications

Kamphuis, Aeilke J., Picchioni, Francesco, Pescarmona, Paolo P.
Green chemistry 2019 v.21 no.3 pp. 406-448
carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide fixation, carbonates, energy, epoxides, green chemistry, physical properties, polymers
The reaction between carbon dioxide and epoxides is an attractive pathway for CO₂-utilisation as it can lead to the formation of two different, yet valuable, products: cyclic and polymeric carbonates. In this review, the advancements made within this field are critically discussed with special attention to the potential of these two classes of compounds as green chemical products. First, an overview is provided of the various types of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic systems developed for achieving the reaction of carbon dioxide with epoxides with high activity and selectivity towards either the cyclic or the polymeric carbonate products. Then, the chemical and physical properties of the cyclic and polycarbonate products are discussed, focussing on the correlation between such properties and the potential applications of each class of compounds. Finally, the most relevant applications of these materials, both potential and industrially implemented, are critically reviewed covering the fields of polymer products, energy storage devices, and biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.