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Adsorption Behavior of Cobalt onto Saline Soil with/without a Biosurfactant: Kinetic and Isotherm Studies

Narimannejad, S., Zhang, B., Lye, L.
Water, air, and soil pollution 2019 v.230 no.2 pp. 47
adsorption, biosurfactants, cobalt, kinetics, micelles, pH, remediation, rhamnolipids, saline soils, surfactin, trehalose
Cobalt (Co) adsorption onto saline soil was investigated in this study. The effect of pH, interaction time, and initial concentration of Co on adsorption were evaluated empirically to screen the appropriate operating conditions. Three biosurfactant products (i.e., surfactin, trehalose lipids, rhamnolipid) each at two concentrations (1 and 2 critical micelle concentrations (CMCs)) were applied during Co adsorption. The adsorption kinetic models were explored and results indicated that the pseudo-second-order kinetic model fit the experimental data the best. Four isotherms, including Langmuir, Freundlich, Temkin, and Redlich-Peterson were used for regulating the Co adsorption with and without the addition of each biosurfactant. The research results show that Co has low mobility even with the existence of a biosurfactant. The findings help to better understand the adsorption behaviour of Co in saline soil so as to develop applicable remediation options.