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Genetic Analysis of Resistance Gene Analogues from a Sugarcane Cultivar Resistant to Red Rot Disease

Usman Hameed, Yong‐Bao Pan, Javed Iqbal
Phytopathologische Zeitschrift 2015 v.163 no.9 pp. 755-763
DNA primers, Saccharum, amino acid motifs, amino acid sequences, cultivars, disease control, disease resistance, genetic analysis, genetic databases, hybrids, molecular cloning, phylogeny, plant improvement, polymerase chain reaction, resistance genes, sequence analysis, sugarcane
One of the important approaches for disease control in sugarcane is to develop a disease‐resistant variety; this may be accomplished through identification of resistance genes in sugarcane. In this study, PCR primers targeting the conserved motifs of the nucleotide‐binding site (NBS) class and kinase class of the resistance gene analogues (RGAs) were used to amplify the RGAs from a red rot‐resistant sugarcane cultivar (Saccharum spp. hybrid) HSF 240. Upon subcloning and sequencing, fifteen putative RGAs were identified. These RGAs shared 63–98% identity to the reported disease‐resistant genes in the NCBI GenBank database. Deduced amino acid sequences also showed the presence of expected conserved domains characteristic of RGAs. Phylogenetic analysis indicated that these RGAs clustered with R genes from other plant species. The findings will be useful for studying disease‐resistant genes in sugarcane.