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Extrusion of a Curcuminoid‐Enriched Oat Fiber‐Corn‐Based Snack Product

Sayanjali, Sara, Sanguansri, Luz, Ying, Danyang, Buckow, Roman, Gras, Sally, Augustin, Mary Ann
Journal of food science 2019 v.84 no.2 pp. 284-291
consumer acceptance, drying, extrusion, flour, oats, ready-to-eat foods, snacks, solubility, storage temperature, storage time, unit process, water content
Extruded snack products were made from an oat fiber‐corn flour matrix fortified with 1.5% (w/w) curcuminoids (750 mg curcuminoids/100 g) to improve the solubility and stability of curcuminoids. The effects of extruder feed moisture content (21%, 28%, and 35%) and screw speed (200 and 300 rpm) on the extrusion parameters and physical properties of final snacks were investigated. Curcuminoids lost during extrusion and curcuminoids loss during subsequent drying of extrudates were analyzed, to separate the losses occurring in each unit process. Drying post extrusion (at 50 °C for 4 hr) was essential to obtain a crunchy shelf stable product (5% moisture). Curcuminoids loss during extrusion was from 17% to 84%, with high loss for the extrusion with low feed moisture content (21%). A further curcuminoids loss of 4% to 44% occurred during drying, with much higher loss for the extrudate with high moisture content. Total curcuminoids retained after extrusion and drying was 12% to 41% (59% to 88% loss), equivalent to 180 to 616 mg curcuminoids retained per 100 g snack, levels within recommended daily dose. Curcuminoids retained after drying was stable during 80 days of storage at 25 °C. The results highlighted the importance of understanding the impact of each unit process separately (for example, extrusion and drying) on the stability of curcuminoids for the development of healthier extruded snacks. PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Extruded snacks products were developed by fortifying the snacks with oat fiber and curcuminoids in order to address the need for a healthy ready to eat food products. Some extrusion characteristics were selected to produce snack products which have favorable properties in terms of consumer acceptance.