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Automated Retrieval of Snow/Ice Surface Broadband Albedo in Beas River Basin, India Using Landsat-8 Satellite Images and Validation with Wireless Sensor Network Data

Singh, Dhiraj Kumar, Gusain, Hemendra Singh, Mishra, Varunendra Dutta, Gupta, Neena
Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing 2019 v.47 no.1 pp. 33-44
Landsat, algorithms, automation, ice, models, moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer, remote sensing, snow, watersheds, winter, Himalayan region, India
This paper proposed an algorithm for automated retrieval of snow/ice surface albedo using Landsat-8 satellite images and validation with wireless senor network data in Beas River basin, India. Cloud-free Landsat-8 images of winter season 2016–2017 have been used to estimate snow/ice broadband albedo. Albedo maps generated using satellite images have been compared and validated with in situ recorded albedo values at wireless sensor network stations. Root-mean-square error of 0.053, R-square (R²) of 0.96, bias of − 0.034 and mean absolute percentage error of ~ 3.5% have been observed. Existing global albedo model for Landsat ETM⁺ was also used to estimate albedo in the study area using Landsat-8 images. Algorithm proposed in this paper for Landsat-8 has shown comparatively better results. Simultaneously, albedo values for snow/ice class have also been estimated using MODIS images. High correlation has been observed between the albedo values estimated from Landsat-8 and MODIS images. Proposed algorithm appears to be the first to estimate broadband albedo of snow/ice class from narrowband reflectances using Landsat-8 images for Indian Himalaya.