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Quantitative determination of NPK uptake requirements of taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott)

Raju, Jinimol, Byju, G.
Journal of plant nutrition 2019 v.42 no.3 pp. 203-217
Colocasia esculenta, NPK fertilizers, crop yield, fertilizer requirements, models, nitrogen, nutrient use efficiency, nutrients, phosphorus, potassium, quantitative analysis, taro, tropical soils
Taro yield in many parts of the world is stagnant mainly due to conventional blanket recommendation of fertilizers, lower nutrient use efficiency and imbalance in the use of nutrients. The Quantitative Evaluation of Fertility of Tropical Soils (QUEFTS) model was used for determining the region specific balanced NPK uptake requirements and recommendations for a target yield of taro. The constants for minimum and maximum accumulation (kg cormel kg⁻¹ nutrient) of N (33 and 177), P (212 and 606) and K (25 and 127) were derived as standard model parameters. The results showed that taro requires N, P and K accumulation of 12.97, 2.75 and 17.47 kg t⁻¹ of cormel yield, suggesting an average NPK ratio in the plant dry matter of about 4.7:1:6.4. The NPK fertilizer requirements for different potential yield situations were also calculated. The results need to be validated in major taro growing regions.