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Experimental and numerical analysis of the scour profile downstream of flip bucket with change in bed material size

Movahedi, Azin, Kavianpour, Mohammadreza, Aminoroayaie Yamini, Omid
ISH journal of hydraulic engineering 2019 v.25 no.2 pp. 188-202
dams (hydrology), energy, mathematical models, rivers, sediments
Flip bucket is one of the energy dissipaters which passes over flow through the dam and is used for injecting the flow to the plunge pool. Impact of the water jet with river leads bed elevation to change and it not only threatens the stability of dam, but also influences the river in downstream. Experimental studies include record of changes in bed elevation in plunge pool of the Kheirabad dam in research institution of the ministry of power in various hydraulic conditions. Then, numerical simulation was conducted by Flow3D and after calibration of simulation using experimental results, a model with 2.7% error was achieved and results of sediment scour model for material sizes ranging from 2 to 15 mm and with flow rates from 113 to 282 lit/s were evaluated and compared with that of literature. Then, width and length of the hole were calculated based on these diameters and flow rates.