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Influence of Type of Use, Age and Gender on Haematological and Biochemical Blood Parameters of Małopolski Horses

Czech, Anna, Kiesz, Martyna, Kiesz, Adrian, Próchniak, Tomasz, Różański, Paweł, Klimiuk, Kamila
Annals of animal science 2019 v.19 no.1 pp. 85-96
bone formation, calcium, erythrocytes, exercise, mares, neutrophils, phosphorus, sports, stallions
The purpose of the study was to determine whether the type of use, age and gender of Małopolski horses affect the level of selected haematological and biochemical parameters of their blood and whether there is an interaction between these factors. The research was carried out on 30 horses of the Małopolski breed, which were divided according to gender (18 mares and 12 stallions), age (2–6 years, 7–9 years and 10–16 years) and use (recreational vs. sport). To sum up, the gender of horses significantly affects erythrocyte indices, as evidenced by their significantly higher values in the stallions as compared to the mares, as well as by the interactions between gender and type of use and between the gender and age of the horse. The leukocyte and neutrophil counts increase with the age of horses, and the interaction between age and type of use indicates that the leukocyte and neutrophil counts in training horses is closely linked to their age. systematic physical exercise in sport horses increases leukocyte and lymphocyte counts and contributes to osteogenesis (increase in alp activity and plasma content of calcium and phosphorus), which has a beneficial effect on their health. The correlations obtained may improve breeders’ awareness of the effect of various factors, such as age, gender or type of use, on blood indices in horses and can be helpful in evaluating the health of Małopolski horses.