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Effect of Parity on Claw Horn Lesions in Holstein Dairy Cows: Clinical and Radiological Study

Fiore, Enrico, Perillo, Laura, Marchesini, Giorgio, Piccione, Giuseppe, Giudice, Elisabetta, Zumbo, Alessandro, Armato, Leonardo, Fabbri, Giorgia, Gianesella, Matteo
Annals of animal science 2019 v.19 no.1 pp. 147-158
Holstein, X-radiation, analysis of variance, body condition, bone resorption, calving, claws, clinical examination, dairy cows, feet, hoof trimming, image analysis, lactation, locomotion, parity (reproduction), radiography
The aim of this study was to estimate the effect of parity on claw lesions prevalence in Holstein dairy cows through clinical and radiological observations. Ninety-seven cows were examined two months after calving to record body condition score, locomotion score, feet diagnostic imaging (X-ray), hoof trimming and clinical evaluation. According to the lactation, the cows were divided into three groups: first parity (Group 1, n=40), second parity (Group 2, n= 29) and third or more parity (Group 3, n=28). Several claw lesions were found. One-way analysis of variance was applied along with Pearson’s correlation coefficient. Significant effect of groups was evidenced on radiographic images. In particular, the radiographic images showed a significant increase of osteolysis from Group 1 to Group 3. The application of Pearson’s correlation coefficient showed a significantly positive correlation between locomotion score and some claw lesions in all groups. In conclusion, this study provides an overview of claw lesions in dairy cow through clinical and radiological observations.