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Zinc desorption kinetics from some calcareous soils of orange (Citrus sinensis L.) orchards, southern Iran

Boostani, Hamid Reza, Najafi-Ghiri, Mahdi, Amin, Hossein, Mirsoleimani, Abbas
Soil science and plant nutrition 2019 v.65 no.1 pp. 20-27
Citrus sinensis, bioavailability, calcareous soils, calcium carbonate, cation exchange capacity, clay fraction, desorption, kinetics, models, orchards, soil organic matter, soil pH, soil sampling, zinc, Iran
Zinc (Zn) desorption is an important process to determine Zn bioavailability in calcareous soils. An experiment was performed to assess the pattern of Zn release from 10 calcareous soils of orange orchards, southern Iran and the soil properties influencing it. For Zn desorption studies, soil samples were extracted with diethylene triamine penta-acetic acid solution at pH 7.3 for periods of 0.083–48 h. Suitability of seven kinetic models was also investigated to describe Zn release from soils. Generally, Zn desorption pattern was characterized by a rapid initial desorption up to 2 h of equilibration, followed by a slower release rate. The simple Elovich and two-constant rate kinetic models described Zn release the best, so it seems that Zn desorption is probably controlled by diffusion phenomena. The values of the rate constants for the superior models were significantly correlated with some soil properties such as soil organic matter (SOM) content, cation exchange capacity (CEC), and soil pH, whereas carbonate calcium equivalent and clay content had no significant influence on Zn desorption from soils. SOM had a positive effect on the magnitude of Zn release from soils, while soil pH showed a negative effect on Zn desorption. Furthermore, the initial release rate of soil Zn is probably controlled by CEC in the studied soils. Finally, it could be concluded that SOM, CEC, and soil pH are the most important factors controlling Zn desorption from calcareous soils of orange orchards, southern Iran. Abbreviations: Soil organic matter (SOM); Cation exchange capacity (CEC); Calcium carbonate equivalent (CCE); Zinc (Zn).