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Morphological and molecular data support recognition of a new rupicolous species of Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae) from the Iberian Peninsula

Crespo, Manuel B., Martínez-Azorín, Mario, Alonso-Vargas, Mª Ángeles
Plant biosystems 2019 v.153 no.1 pp. 77-87
Pinguicula, biogeography, cliffs, habitats, internal transcribed spacers, new species, phylogeny, ribosomal DNA, Iberian Peninsula, Spain
A new rupicolous species, Pinguicula saetabensis, belonging to P. sect. Pinguicula is described from calcareous cliffs of central-southern Valencia province, in the eastern Iberian Peninsula. It has previously been confused with P. mundi and P. vallisneriifolia, two close allies endemic to southern Spain which share some morphological traits and a similar habitat. However, some peculiarities allow recognition of those Valencian plants at the specific rank. Data on morphology, ecology, biogeography and conservation are reported for the new species, and its taxonomic affinities are discussed on the basis of phylogenetic analyses of the internal transcribed spacer region of nuclear ribosomal DNA. Furthermore, the presence of one population of P. vallisneriifolia is confirmed in that province, also based on morphological and molecular data.