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Evaluating urban surface water quality in Luton

Ajmal, Tahmina, Anyachebelu, Tochukwu Kene, Conrad, Marc, Rawson, David M.
Environmental monitoring and assessment 2019 v.191 no.3 pp. 147
monitoring, rivers, surface water, water quality, water utilities
Using a single numerical value to indicate the quality of water, a so-called Water Quality Index (WQI) is a well-established way of rating the overall water quality status of a given water body. During the last few years, researchers in the water sector have developed different such indices to address their specific needs. In this study, we attempt to obtain a WQI formula suited for evaluating the water quality of the River Lea. We have selected four different sites on the River Lea and explore the possibility of monitoring using a minimum number of parameters only. The results obtained are very encouraging and provide a strong indication that only three parameters are enough to indicate water quality of a water body.