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A theoretical investigation on characteristic frequencies of ground vibrations induced by elevated high speed train

Shi, Li, Sun, Hong-lei, Pan, Xiao-dong, Geng, Xue-yu, Cai, Yuan-qiang
Engineering geology 2019 v.252 pp. 14-26
cities, railroads, soil, China
High speed railway is an ever-expanding mega project in China, connecting more and more cities of economy importance. This paper presents a theoretical evaluation on vibrations of saturated ground induced by high speed train operating on an elevated bridge. The simply-supported bridge consisting of a slab railway track resting on multiple spans of box girder is treated using the periodic theory. While, the dynamic interaction between the piles and the ground halfspace is solved using the flexible volume method combing with thin layer element method developed by the authors for the saturated soil. Two characteristic frequencies of the superstructure that dominates the ground displacement response have been identified: one is the first natural frequency of girder beam with elastic bearings; the other is the first natural frequency of pier beam supported by the pile foundation.