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Investigation on anisotropy of mechanical properties of Callovo-Oxfordian claystone

Zhang, Chun-Liang, Armand, Gilles, Conil, Nathalie, Laurich, Ben
Engineering geology 2019 v.251 pp. 128-145
anisotropy, clay, compression strength, deformation, mechanical properties
Anisotropic mechanical properties of the sedimentary Callovo-Oxfordian clay rock were investigated with triaxial compression and extension, cyclic compression, and creep tests. The tested cylindrical samples differ in bedding orientation. The compression was accomplished by increasing axial stress at constant radial stress. The extension was carried out vice versa: radial stress was increased while axial stress was kept constant. Moreover, extension was also achieved by simultaneously increasing radial stress and decreasing axial stress under constant mean stress. Five independent elastic parameters were obtained at different deviatoric stresses during cyclic loading-unloading compressions. The deformation and strength were determined in relation to the load direction inclined to bedding and in relation to the load paths. The claystone exhibits elastoplastic stress-strain behaviour with volume compaction until failure. The strength is dependent on both load path and load direction to the bedding. For a given major load direction, the compressive strength is higher than the extensional one and the lowest strength occurs by extension at constant mean stress. In each load path, the maximum strength values are reached parallel and normal to the bedding, while the minimum occurs at the load orientation of about 45° during compression and of about 30° during extension. The elastic stiffness increases with deviatoric loading due to hardening. The deformability is time dependent.