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Microplastic pollution in the surface sediments collected from Sishili Bay, North Yellow Sea, China

Zhang, Bin, Wu, Di, Yang, Xin, Teng, Jia, Liu, Yongliang, Zhang, Chen, Zhao, Jianmin, Yin, Xiaonan, You, Liping, Liu, Yanfang, Wang, Qing
Marine pollution bulletin 2019 v.141 pp. 9-15
aquaculture, estuaries, microplastics, pollutants, polymethylmethacrylate, rayon, rivers, sediments, sewage, water pollution, China, Yellow Sea
As a new emergence pollutant, microplastic has aroused wide concern from both scholars and the public. In this study, microplastic pollution in surface sediments from 28 stations in Sishili Bay was investigated. The average abundance of microplastics was 499.76 ± 370.07 items/kg (d.w.). Fiber was the majority shape of microplastics (86.37%), followed by film, fragment and pellet. Microplastics <500 μm accounted for more than half of the total microplastics. Eight polymer types including rayon, PE, PP, PA, PET, PS, PMMA and PU were identified. The main component was rayon (58.41%), followed by PP and PET. The microplastic pollution in surface sediments of Sishili Bay is moderate compared with other studies. Microplastic pollution level in port, sewage outfall, estuary and aquaculture area of Sishili Bay was relatively high, which indicated that microplastic pollution was mainly sourced from river and sewage discharge and maritime activities.