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An innovative multivariate strategy for HSI-NIR images to automatically detect defects in green coffee

Oliveri, Paolo, Malegori, Cristina, Casale, Monica, Tartacca, Edoardo, Salvatori, Gianni
Talanta 2019 v.199 pp. 270-276
algorithms, exports, green beans, hyperspectral imagery, imports
In the present study, an advanced and original multivariate strategy for the processing of hyperspectral images in the near-infrared region is proposed to automatically detect physico-chemical defects in green coffee, which are similar one to each other by naked eye. An object-based approach for the characterization of individual beans, rather than single pixels, was adopted, calculating a series of descriptive parameters characterizing the distribution of scores on the lowest-order principal components. On such parameters, the k-nearest neighbors (k-NN) classification algorithm was applied and the predictive results on the test samples indicate that this approach is able not only to distinguish defective beans from non-defective ones, but also to differentiate the various types of defects. Hyperspectral imaging is demonstrated to be a valid alternative for the sorting of green beans – a crucial phase for coffee import/export.