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Research on biomass energy and environment from the past to the future: A bibliometric analysis

Mao, Guozhu, Huang, Ning, Chen, Lu, Wang, Hongmei
The Science of the total environment 2018 v.635 pp. 1081-1090
bibliometric analysis, bioenergy, energy, research and development
The development and utilization of biomass energy can help to change the ways of energy production and consumption and establish a sustainable energy system that can effectively promote the development of the national economy and strengthen the protection of the environment. Here,we perform a bibliometric analysis of 9514 literature reports in the Web of Science Core Collection searched with the key words “Biomass energy” and “Environment*” date from 1998 to 2017; hot topics in the research and development of biomass energy utilization, as well as the status and development trends of biomass energy utilization and the environment, were analyzed based on content analysis and bibliometrics. The interaction between biomass energy and the environment began to become a major concern as the research progressively deepened. This work is of great significance for the development and utilization of biomass energy to put forward specific suggestions and strategies based on the analysis and demonstration of relationships and interactions between biomass energy utilization and environment. It is also useful to researchers for selecting the future research topics.