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Facile fabrication and nanostructure control of mesoporous iridium oxide films for efficient electrocatalytic water oxidation

Chandra, Debraj, Sato, Tetsuya, Tanahashi, Yuki, Takeuchi, Ryouchi, Yagi, Masayuki
Energy 2019 v.173 pp. 278-289
annealing, catalysts, coatings, crystal structure, iridium, nanomaterials, oxidation, photosynthesis, polymers, porous media, surfactants, temperature
The development of efficient catalyst materials for water oxidation is bottleneck to construct artificial photosynthesis that is a promising future energy-providing system. We review the recent progress on development of IrOx electrocatalyst films for water oxidation based on our latest research works. A controlled fabrication approach of an efficient IrOx electrocatalyst films is introduced by a facile spin-coating of a homogenous solution of Ir precursor complexes followed by simple annealing at different temperature. The composition and crystallinity of the IrOx film are tunable by a simple annealing treatment. The electrocatalytic properties of the IrOx film dramatically depended on annealing temperature are characterized to give the noticeably high performance at 300 °C annealing. A soft-template-assisted technique using different polymer surfactants as structure directing agents (SDAs) is illustrated in the spin-coating procedure to reveal impacts of SDAs on nanostructures and electrocatalytic water oxidation performances of the IrOx films. The characterization of the first accessible channel-like open pore architecture of the ordered 2D-hexagonal mesoporous IrOx film is described by a facile one-pot strategy using Pluronic F127 as SDA. The novel controlled nanostructures including mesoporous architecture of IrOx improves electrocatalytic performance for water oxidation relative to a conventional nanoparticulate structure of IrOx coating.