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Production performance, immune response and carcass traits of broiler chickens fed diet incorporated with Kappaphycus alvarezii

Qadri, S. S. N., Biswas, A., Mandal, A. B., Kumawat, M., Saxena, R., Nasir, A. M.
Journal of applied phycology 2019 v.31 no.1 pp. 753-760
Kappaphycus alvarezii, body weight changes, broiler chickens, carcass characteristics, cell-mediated immunity, chicks, experimental diets, feed conversion, feed intake, hemagglutination
This study evaluates the production performance, immune responses and carcass traits in broiler chickens (0 to 42 days) fed diet with incorporated Kappaphycus alvarezii (AF-KWP). Day-old chicks (280) were randomly distributed into 35 groups with 8 chicks in each group (7 dietary treatments × 5 replicates). Seven experimental diets were formulated by adding 0 (control—T₁), 0.25 AF-KWP (T₂), 0.50 AF-KWP (T₃), 0.75 AF-KWP (T₄), 1.00 AF-KWP (T₅), 1.25 AF-KWP (T₆) and 1.50 AF-KWP (T₇) respectively. Body weight gain (g) significantly (P < 0.05) improved in the growing phase (21–42 days) and overall value (0–42 days); however, feed intake (g) differed significantly (P < 0.05) in T₇ and T₆ groups only in the growing (21–42 days) phase, compared to control and other treated groups. Feed conversion ratio (FCR) did not differ significantly (P > 0.05) by the feeding of diets containing different levels of AF-KWP. Haemagglutination (HA) titre and cell-mediated immunity (CMI) were significantly increased (P < 0.05) in AF-KWP supplemented groups as compared to the control group. No significant (P > 0.05) difference was recorded in the percentage of carcass traits and organ weights but significant improvement (P < 0.05) was recorded in cut up parts (percentage of live wt.) between the control and some AF-KWP-supplemented groups. From the results, it may be concluded that K. alvarezii (AF-KWP) can be incorporated at 1.25% level in broiler diets for improved performance, immuno-responsiveness and breast yield in broiler chickens.