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Effect of Achillea millefolium-loaded nanophytosome in the post-thawing sperm quality and oxidative status of rooster semen

Najafi, Davood, Taheri, Ramezan Ali, Najafi, Abouzar, Rouhollahi, Abbas Abbas, Alvarez-Rodriguez, Manuel
Cryobiology 2018 v.82 pp. 37-42
Achillea millefolium, antioxidants, catalase, freezing, oxidative stress, roosters, semen, sperm motility, sperm quality, superoxide dismutase, thawing, viability
The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of antioxidants including Achillea millefolium extract (AmE) (n0t1.5: 1.5, n0t3: 3 and n0t4.5: 4.5 mg/L) and AmE loaded in nano phytosome (n1t1.5: 1.5, n1t3: 3 and n1t4.5: 4.5 mg/L) in the freezing of Ross 308 rooster semen. Sperm motility (CASA), membrane integrity (HOS test), viability, total abnormality and enzymatic parameters (SOD, CAT and GPx) were assessed after thawing. AmE-loaded nano phytosome at a concentration of 3 mg/l resulted in significantly (P < 0.05) higher total motility (MOT) (73.78 ± 2.92) and at concentrations of 1.5 mg/L and 3 mg/L in progressive motility (PROG) (14.12 ± 0.38, 16.78 ± 0.38) in comparison with the control group (MOT: 58.48 ± 2.92; PROG: 9.08 ± 0.38). Sperm viability (Vi) was higher (P < 0.05) in n1t3 (74.62 ± 1.55) and membrane integrity (Mi) in n0t3 and n1t3 groups (65.91 ± 1.91, 63.73 ± 1.91, respectively) compared to the control groups (Vi: 66.85 ± 1.55; Mi: 53.18 ± 1.91). Moreover, the lowest percentage of MDA was measured in n1t3 group (1.31 ± 0.31). There was no significant difference for SOD and CAT values with the use of various extenders.In conclusion, we suggest that AmE loaded in nano phytosome at 3 mg/l dose can be added to basic extender for improving rooster sperm motility, viability and oxidative stress values during the freezing procedure.