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Far infrared‐assisted removal of extraction solvent for capillary electrophoretic determination of the bioactive constituents in Plumula Nelumbinis

Wan, Danjing, Han, Yu, Li, Farui, Mao, Hua, Chen, Gang
Electrophoresis 2019 v.40 no.4 pp. 582-586
borates, buffers, capillary electrophoresis, chemical species, electric potential, herbal medicines, infrared radiation, pH, rutin, silica, solvents, ultrasonic treatment
Far infrared radiation was employed in the rapid removal of the solvents in the extracts of Plumula Nelumbinis and standard mixture solutions to prevent the interference of the solvent peaks toward their capillary electrophoretic measurements. The sample solutions in small vials were exposed to far infrared ray at 60°C for 3 min to remove solvent. The dried samples in the vials were each dissolved into running buffer with the aid of ultrasonication for capillary electrophoresis analysis. The far infrared‐assisted solvent removal approach was sucessfully applied in the rapid determination of neferine, liensinine, isoliensinine, rutin and hyperoside in Plumula Nelumbinis. The five analytes could be well separated within 12 min in a 40 cm long fused silica capillary at a separation voltage of 12 kV in a 50 mM borate buffer (pH 9.2). The results indicated that the interferences of the solvent peaks in the capillary electropherograms of the herbal drugs were eliminated completely.