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Are the profilins an important component in the atmosphere? Ole e 2-like panallergen

Fernández-González, Delia, Vega Maray, Ana Mª, González Parrado, Zulima, Valencia Barrera, Rosa Mª, Gutiérrez, Pablo, De Nuntiis, Paola, Mandrioli, Paolo
Aerobiologia 2019 v.35 no.1 pp. 165-175
Betula, Cupressaceae, Plantago, Poaceae, Populus, Quercus, Rumex, air, herbaceous plants, nitrogen dioxide, pollen, pollutants, principal component analysis, profilins, relative humidity, sulfur dioxide, temperature, Spain
The analysis of profilin Ole e 2 concentration and its relationship with pollen concentration was carried out in the atmosphere of León (located in north-western of Spain) during 3 years. Moreover, we have studied the influence of some atmospheric pollutants and climatic parameters using Spearman rank correlation and principal components analysis. As a result, the presence in the atmosphere of Ole e 2 is demonstrated. We can observe that in April and until mid-May, the peaks of Ole e 2 correspond to the high concentrations of pollen from various tree plants, such as Quercus, Populus, Betula, Cupressaceae. From this date until the middle of June, where the presence of this profilin begins to be scarce in the air, the concentration of Ole e 2 is linked to herbaceous plants: Rumex, Plantago and species of the family Poaceae. Statistical analysis showed that the factors of temperature get influenced the most in the presence of Ole e 2 in the atmosphere, followed by the relative humidity and precipitation. In our study, there was no clear correlation with atmospheric pollutants; however, an increase in NO₂ and SO₂ causes a decrease in profilin in the atmosphere.