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First report on the dragonflies from Parque Estadual da Ilha do Cardoso, state of São Paulo, Brazil, with notes on the morphology and behavior of Lauromacromia picinguaba (Odonata: Corduliidae s.l.)

Pinto, Ângelo Parise
Studies on neotropical fauna and environment 2019 v.54 no.1 pp. 48-60
Corduliidae, Lestes, forests, Brazil
The dragonflies from the Parque Estadual da Ilha do Cardoso, municipality of Cananéia, located at the southern limit of the state of São Paulo in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, were surveyed for the first time through a short sampling effort lasting four days in October 2011. A total of 36 species, including four new state records for species of the genera Lestes, Phyllocycla, Navicordulia and ‘Schizocordulia’, and three undescribed species of damselflies belonging to Cyanallagma, Forcepsioneura and Idioneura were identified. Some notes are also given for other species, as well as on the morphology and behavior of the intriguing corduliid Lauromacromia picinguaba (incertae sedis). The results, based on a small sample, indicate that the local dragonfly biota at Parque Estadual da Ilha do Cardoso is rich and impressive, and needs to be investigated and protected.