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Foliar applied zinc and the performance of pecan trees

Hounnou, Leon, Wade Brorsen, B., Biermacher, Jon T., Rohla, Charles T.
Journal of plant nutrition 2019 v.42 no.5 pp. 512-516
Carya illinoinensis, budbreak, foliar application, leaves, pecans, pollination, seeds, trees, zinc, zinc sulfate
Pecan [Carya illinoinensis (Wang.) C. Koch.] trees were given four treatments: (i) control (no zinc application) (ii) DeltAg Zinc PlusĀ® applied in fall, at budbreak, and after pollination (iii) DeltAg Zinc Plus applied in fall only and (iv) zinc sulfate 36.6% applied at budbreak, 3 weeks later, and after pollination. Leaf elemental concentration of zinc (Zn) increased with all zinc treatments in year one. In year two, the three applications of Zinc Plus produced the highest leaf elemental concentrations of Zn. The zinc sulfate treatment had a positive effect on nut and kernel weight in both years while the other two Zn treatments had effects that varied across years. Zinc sulfate had yields at least as good and nut quality at least as good as the other Zn treatments. Given that Zinc sulfate is the lowest-cost Zn treatment, the results reported here favor using zinc sulfate.