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Crumpling of thin sheets as a basis for creating mechanical metamaterials

Fokker, M. C., Janbaz, S., Zadpoor, A. A.
RSC advances 2019 v.9 no.9 pp. 5174-5188
deformation, geometry, materials science, mechanical properties
Crumpled thin sheets exhibit extraordinary characteristics such as a high strength combined with a low volume ratio. This review focuses on the physics of crumpled thin sheets, including the crumpling mechanics, crumpling methods, and the mechanical behavior of crumpled thin sheets. Most of the physical and mechanical properties of crumpled thin sheets change with the compaction ratio, which creates the opportunity to obtain the properties that are needed for a specific application simply by changing the compaction ratio. This also enables obtaining unusual combinations of material properties, which cannot be easily found in nature. Furthermore, crumpling starts from a flat surface, which could first be decorated with (nano-) patterns or functionalized through other surface treatment techniques, many of which are only applicable to flat surfaces. Ultimately, the crumpling of thin sheets could be used for creating disordered mechanical metamaterials, which are less sensitive to geometric imperfections compared to ordered designs of mechanical metamaterials that are based, for example, on origami or lattice structures.