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Bioinspired transfer method for the patterning of multiple nanomaterials

Wang, Xuan, Gao, Bingbing, Gu, Zhongze
RSC advances 2019 v.9 no.8 pp. 4351-4360
bees, chemical treatment, medical equipment, nanomaterials, pollen
Patterned nanomaterials have promising applications in various fields, particularly for microfluidic analysis and functional surfaces. Studies on such materials have focused on developing effective methods for fabricating patterns with various nanomaterials. Here, inspired by pollen transfer by bees, we present a simple and effective method for patterning multiple functional materials onto flexible substrates by using adhesive tapes. With the advantages of high alignment accuracy, high pattern resolution and not requiring additional etching or harsh processes, the proposed method can easily be applied to diverse nanomaterials that would not be tolerant of physical, thermal, or chemical treatments, as such treatments could deform the thin film and alter its functionalities. Patterned devices were fabricated and showed excellent performance, demonstrating the applicability of this simple and practical transfer printing technique. The proposed patterning method possesses the distinct advantages of a short operating time and high patterning yield, which highlight the considerable potential for the application of this method for optical and biomedical devices.