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Solvent-Free Secondary Growth of Highly b-Oriented MFI Zeolite Films from Anhydrous Synthetic Powder

Lu, Xiaofei, Yang, Yanwei, Zhang, Junjia, Yan, Yushan, Wang, Zhengbao
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2019 v.141 no.7 pp. 2916-2919
crystallization, crystals, hydrogels, silica, vapors, zeolites
Up to date, zeolite films have been mainly fabricated by in situ crystallization, secondary growth in a solution/hydrogel, or occasionally by vapor phase transformation of dry gel. Here we demonstrate for the first time a solvent-free secondary growth method for b-oriented silica MFI zeolite films using the synthetic powder from ground anhydrous raw solids in the presence of NH₄F. Typically, precisely b-oriented MFI zeolite films are synthesized from seed layers of highly b-oriented MFI zeolite crystals in the synthetic powder of 1SiO₂:0.035TPABr:0.05NH₄F at 175 °C for 6 h. If needed, b-oriented MFI zeolite multilayer films can be acquired by changing the synthesis time or the amount of NH₄F in the synthetic powder. Compared with the traditional hydrothermal synthesis, the approach developed here may provide a new avenue for fabricating high quality zeolite films/membranes.