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Emission of Unintentionally Produced Persistent Organic Pollutants from Some Industrial Processes in Northern Vietnam

Nguyen Thi, Hue, Nguyen Thi Thu, Thuy, Pham Hai, Long, Nguyen Thanh, Hai, Chu Viet, Hai, Chu Thi, Hue, Nghiem Xuan, Truong, Tung, Nguyen Hoang
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology 2019 v.102 no.2 pp. 287-296
bottom ash, bricks, emissions factor, flue gas, fly ash, hexachlorobenzene, industrial wastes, persistent organic pollutants, polychlorinated biphenyls, polychlorinated dibenzodioxins, polychlorinated dibenzofurans, steel, waste incineration, zinc, Vietnam
Concentrations of PCDD/Fs, dioxin-like PCBs (dl-PCBs), PeCB and HCB were determined in flue gas, fly ash and bottom ash samples collected from brick production, steel production, and zinc production plants, an industrial waste incinerator and a medical waste incinerator in northern Vietnam to understand the contamination levels, accumulation patterns and extent of emission. Total TEQs concentrations of PCDD/Fs and dl-PCBs in flue gas and ash samples from these industrial plants ranged from 0.304 to 50.55 pg/Nm³ and 1.43 to 440 pg/g, respectively. PeCB and HCB residues in flue gas samples ranged from 0.839 to 46.59 ng/Nm³ and 1.16 to 60.5 ng/Nm³, respectively. The emission factors of 4.8–740 ngTEQs/tonne for PCDD/Fs and dl-PCBs, 67.12–240.7 µg/ton for PeCB and 11.64–889.3 µg/ton for HCB were obtained in flue gas samples. This is among the first reports on the emission factor of PCDD/Fs, dl-PCBs, PeCB, HCB in brick production, zinc production and waste incineration in Vietnam.