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Effects of 1-MCP and packaging on quality and shelf-life of 'Nam Dok Mai No. 4' mango fruits

Kwanhong, P., Srithanyarat, S., Songchan, K., Singto, J.
Acta horticulturae 2018 no.1216 pp. 45-54
1-methylcyclopropene, Mangifera indica, films (materials), foams, fruit quality, fruits, mangoes, packaging, plastic bags, poly(vinyl chloride), polyethylene, postharvest losses, postharvest treatment, relative humidity, ripening, shelf life, storage temperature, weight loss
Mango fruits are liable to postharvest losses and reduced quality. In order to minimize the postharvest losses, maintain the quality and extend shelf-life, postharvest treatments are given to the fruits after harvest. This study aimed to observe the effect of different concentrations of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) and packaging on quality changes and storage life of 'Nam Dok Mai No. 4' mango fruits (Mangifera indica L.). The fruits harvested at fully mature-green stage were treated with 0 (control), 1, 1.5 and 2 µL L(-1) of 1-MCP for 6 h at 20°C. Then, the fruits were packed with three types of packaging (covering with polyethylene [PE] foam net, wrapping the fruit with polyvinyl chloride [PVC] stretch film before covering with PE foam net, or placing the fruit with PE foam net into perforated polyethylene plastic bags) inside corrugated boxes. All the treated fruits were stored at 13°C with 90% of relative humidity. The results indicated that both 1-MCP treated and untreated mango fruits covering with PE foam net had higher weight loss than other packaged fruits. Fruit firmness decreased more slowly in 1-MCP-treated fruits than in untreated fruits. Moreover, compared to untreated fruits, fruits with 1-MCP treatments still ripened as usual but the treated fruits delayed their ripening and had a longer storage life. The mangoes treated with 2 µL L(-1) 1-MCP had the longest storage life of 34 days. In addition, 1-MCP treatment combined with PVC film or perforated PE bags could reduce weight loss and prolong storage life of mango fruits up to 37 days without a difference in quality. Their eating quality was still acceptable.