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pDobz/pDobb protected diaminodiacid as a novel building block for peptide disulfide-bond mimic synthesis

Liu, Chao, Zou, Yan, Hu, Honggang, Jiang, Yunyun, Qin, Luping
RSC advances 2019 v.9 no.10 pp. 5438-5444
disulfide bonds, heavy metals, peptides, synthesis
The diaminodiacid strategy has been widely studied in the chemical synthesis of peptide disulfide bond mimics. Diaminodiacid building blocks, which are key intermediates, are currently under the spotlight. However, one technical bottleneck inherent in existing building blocks is the contamination problem caused by the heavy metal reagents during the deprotection process, which makes the peptides less suitable for pharmaceutical use. Herein, we describe the successful development of a p-dihydroxyborylbenzyloxycarbonyl pinacol ester (pDobz)- and p-dihydroxyborylbenzyl pinacol ester (pDobb)-based novel diaminodiacid building block that can be easily deprotected via mild treatment with amine oxide. Its efficiency and practicability were also confirmed by the total synthesis of contryphan-Vn disulfide bond mimic. The results suggested that this novel diaminodiacid building block has satisfactory Fmoc SPPS compatibility, yet only required a facile, rapid, and metal-free deprotection process. We believe this novel diaminodiacid building block could promote further development of the diaminodiacid strategy.