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Occurrence of Mycotoxins in Botanical Dietary Supplement Infusion Beverages

Noelia Pallarés, Josefa Tolosa, Jordi Mañes, Emilia Ferrer
Journal of natural products 2019 v.82 no.2 pp. 403-406
15-acetyldeoxynivalenol, Mentha pulegium, aflatoxins, anise, chamomile, dietary supplements, herbal tea, honey, liquid chromatography, liquid-phase microextraction, mint, nivalenol, ochratoxin A, risk assessment, tandem mass spectrometry, tea (beverage), thyme, zearalenone
The aim of the present work was to study the occurrence of mycotoxins [aflatoxins (1–4), 3-acetyldeoxyniavlenol (5), 15-acetyldeoxynivalenol (6), nivalenol (7), HT-2 (8), T-2 (9), ochratoxin A (10), zearalenone (11), enniatin A (12), enniatin A1 (13), enniatin B (14), enniatin B1 (15), and beauvericin (16)] present in potable products derived from herbal teas. Analysis was carried out by liquid chromatography coupled to ion-trap tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS-IT) after a dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction procedure (DLLME) was conducted. The DLLME method was applied to 52 commercial samples of chamomile, chamomile with anise, chamomile with honey, linden, pennyroyal mint, thyme, valerian, and horsetail beverages. The results obtained showed that the following mycotoxins were detected in the samples: 2 (19.1 to 134.7 μg/L), 3 (below the limit of quantification), and 4 (2.2 to 13.5 μg/L). Also, 6 was detected in one sample at 112.5 μg/L, and 14 was detected only in two samples, although at very low concentration levels. Pennyroyal mint and thyme showed the highest concentration levels of mycotoxins. A risk assessment, however, showed negative results regarding the consumption of herbal tea beverages and the presence of mycotoxins.