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Evaluation of effects of radiation therapy combined with either pamidronate or zoledronate on canine osteosarcoma cells

Hoddinott, K., Oblak, M. L., Wood, G. A., Boston, S., Mutsaers, A. J.
Canadian journal of veterinary research 2019 v.83 no.1 pp. 3-10
cell lines, cell viability, dogs, dose response, osteosarcoma, prognosis, radiotherapy, viability assays
Canine osteosarcoma is a devastating disease with an overall poor prognosis. Radiation therapy and bisphosphonates are currently used in combination for palliative treatment, despite a paucity of literature that investigates their combined use. The objectives of this study were to assess the in vitro effects of radiation therapy and bisphosphonates on canine osteosarcoma cells when used in combination. Canine osteosarcoma cell lines D17 and Dharma were treated with radiation and pamidronate or zoledronate, both alone and in combination. The effects of these treatments were assessed using clonogenic survival and cell viability assays. Dose-dependent decreases in clonogenic survival and cell viability were observed for both radiation and bisphosphonate treatment. Combination index analysis revealed antagonistic interactions when radiation and bisphosphonates were used in combination at specific doses for both D17 and Dharma osteosarcoma cells. Further investigation of the combined effects of radiation and bisphosphonates for the palliative treatment of canine osteosarcoma is warranted.