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Shelf-life of pepper fruits as influenced by harvesting methods and storage conditions

Adewoyin, O. B., Babatola, L. A.
Acta horticulturae 2018 no.1225 pp. 211-216
fruits, harvesting, pedicel, pepper, refrigeration, refrigerators, relative humidity, shelf life, storage time, weight loss
The effects of stage of ripeness at harvest, harvesting methods and storage conditions on storability of organic long Cayenne pepper fruits were investigated. Fruits were harvested with or without pedicels, at 10 or 100% ripe stage and stored at ambient conditions (21.9-33.5°C and 58-62% relative humidity (RH), in refrigerator (4.0°C and 40-45% RH) or in evaporative coolant structure (10.0-15.8°C and 70-75% RH). Postharvest quality was assessed using percentage weight loss; and general appearance on a scale of 1-4. Means were separated by Duncan multiple range test (DMRT) at p<0.05. Refrigerated fruits had significantly lower WL between 3 and 30 days in storage (DIS) compared to those in ambient conditions or evaporative coolant structure. Between 9 to 30 DIS, fruits harvested with pedicel intact exhibited significantly lower weight loss compared to those without pedicels. Furthermore, fruits harvested at 10% ripeness had significantly lower WL of than those harvested at 100% ripeness during the storage period.